Hot, hot, hot – Saturday 29th June 2019

Hot hot hot

Here we are feeling hot hot hot. We get to spend the weekend playing with some of our doggy friends, while our Mistress gets to go out for our human paternal grandmother’s birthday. I did offer to go, but she said that would not be appropriate. I can eat food as well as she can. Actually I can eat more than she can as I’m not on a diet and she is. Anyway I wasn’t invited so there you go. One rule for dogs and one rule for humans. Instead I might have a bit of a run around and then lie somewhere in the shade with my paws up. Our Master says it’s been even hotter in Switzerland than it is going to be here today. Mind you, he did say that the lakes were nice and warm to swim in so maybe that might be quite fun. I think Shadow might like that very much.

Talking of family

Talking of family, Shadow heard from her brother and he is not as ill as he thought he was, so she’s very relieved. He thought he had a tumour, but it may have been a large abscess. He’s responding to treatment at the moment, so he’s feeling optimistic and asked her to cross her paws for him. She is doing and so are the rest of us of course.

Open air cinema

Our Mistress says there might be an open air cinema night in our village. I think that’s a great idea. I’ve asked if we can all go and if they could perhaps show something like Beethoven or 101 Dalmatians. Sadly, our Mistress is being dogist again and says she will probably go without us if it happens. I think that is so unfair. I wonder if we could just go down anyway. We live in the village too.

Have a great Saturday


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