Living Vicariously – Thursday 18th July 2019

Living vicariously

I’m going to be living vicariously through Wilma for the next week or so. Gone are the days when I’ve wanted to pack my little bag and help sit on a suitcase to get it to close. I like to keep the same safe four walls around me these days. I’m very happy to hear all about Wilma’s travels, but I don’t actually need to go myself. Our Mistress is a bit like that over wild animals – the big scary ones anyway. She loves to hear about people’s trips to all sorts of places in the world, but has no need to go herself. At least it means I know Wilma’s not going to be meeting any lions while she’s away. Mind you, I don’t think she’d really be fazed if she did!

Working in the summerhouse

Yesterday was another summerhouse working day. Our Mistress has worked out that one of the ways that working out there is good is because there is less clutter on the desk. Our Master suggested she could solve that problem by sweeping everything off the desk in the office, but our Mistress would never cope with that approach. If she only takes outside the thing she most needs to work on, she gets side-tracked less. Mostly that means she takes the book she’s working on. She’s all right until the local wildlife, mainly in the form of a wasp or two decides to join her. Then she stops working very quickly.

List of jobs

One of the problems with being left behind is the list of jobs. ‘Alfie, please will you water the vegetables?’ Nothing so nice as ‘Alfie please will you eat the vegetables?’ That I wouldn’t mind being left behind for. The carrots are all starting to look very tasty and I’m quite happy to try one or two. Mind you, Wilma’s been eating her way around the garden and has been sick in the night a couple of times, which has not made her popular. That’s dogs for you!

Have a great Thursday


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