More Fun in the Snow – Wednesday 27th February 2019

More Fun in the Snow

Yesterday I had more fun in the snow. Sadly, I didn’t have any playmates except for Mum, but she can be fun sometimes. We thought we had to stay in to wait for the freezer to be delivered, but then a very nice man rang to tell us it will be today. He spoke to Mum in German and she managed to understand. That was the thing she got most excited about all day! Anyway, after that she promised that if I was good so she could get some work done first then she would take me for a nice walk later in the morning.


We started by going to Gottschalkenberg and walking up to Bellvue. Whenever we’ve been before we haven’t been able to see anything as the cloud has been lower than we were. This time we could see right across lake Zurich. It was really funny because the land that side is lower and the snow has almost all gone. I think they must be very sad to miss out on all the lovely snow. We did the usually stumpie picture, but it’s not so good because of the sun behind me. What was amazing there was a ridge just below the brow of the hill with benches all the way along. It must be a sun trap as the snow has all cleared along the ridge and there were lots of people sunbathing.

Intrepid Explorers

Then we started the drive home but Mum said we really hadn’t walked as far as she wanted us to. So we stopped back at my mountain and did our favourite walk as well. Mum said we’d walk back over the snow as we had the other day, but with it being so warm the snow seemed a little less stable and she fell into it twice, which I thought was really funny. She did say it felt like we were intrepid explorers setting off for the Pole. She’s got a bit of a vivid imagination, but there wasn’t anyone else in sight so I could see where she got the idea. I don’t think there are as many trees at the Pole though.

Clearing the ice

Mum did have a bash, quite literally, at clearing some of the ice on the drive. It did not go well! The ice is very hard and there is stone beneath it. Thankfully she had the sense to give up before any real harm was done. It is all melting slowly, but it’s going to take a long time.



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