Brute Force – Wednesday 18th September 2019

Brute Force

Wilma has executed a brute force attack on her crate. It is not a pretty sight. She’s absolutely fine, but the crate most certainly isn’t. We have had these crates for over eight years. It all started when we moved into this house and Shadow was unsettled by the move. Ari, bless his heart, does have a bigger crate than the others, so he can stretch out, but his is not made to as strong a construction. No one else has ever damaged a crate. Not even a little bit. Wilma on the other paw has not just moved bars aside but forcibly removed and broken them. Our Mistress is assessing the situation but she thinks the crate is past repair.

All Change

Our Mistress says that unless Wilma buys the replacement out of her pocket money, she is not having a new crate. Wilma thought that meant she has won the battle, but it’s never that simple. We have four crates in our house, but I’m really past being able to manoeuvre in and out of mine and since I can’t do stairs there was no point it being near our Mistress in the office. We’ve concluded that we can make different arrangements for me and that as a result my old crate can now go in place of Wilma’s. I think there is going to be some reinforcement done first though!


We have all been enjoying this sunshine. It does a dog good to spend time in the garden just pottering. Our Mistress is trying to take me out as often as possible so I can make the most of it. I don’t want to be out there for long at a time, but I really do enjoy a few minutes here and there. It does these old bones good. I think it does our Mistress’s old bones good too.


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