Hungry Day – Tuesday 17th September 2019

Hungry Day

Yesterday we all seemed to have a hungry day. You know those sorts of days when no matter how much you eat, it just isn’t enough? It’s not so bad for me as I have three meals a day and they are all the same size. Shadow however is on a slightly reduced ration as she is become a little barrel shaped again. She doesn’t want to admit it and woe betide anyone who actually mentions it. Anyway she wanted more and protested noisily about it.

Our Mistress was feeling hungry and as she’s almost lost all the weight she set out to lose, she permitted herself half an hour sitting outside in the sunshine and eating a piece of cake. Wilma is still on her diet, so wasn’t impressed, even though she did sit out with our Mistress. Aristotle wasn’t intending to, but has lost weight anyway. He said he felt hungry too. Actually, he kept saying it for most of the afternoon which drove us all bonkers.

It’s odd how some days you all just want to eat.


We are all making the most of the sunny weather. I don’t have my swimming lesson today, so I’ve asked if we could spend some time sitting outside together instead. It really does seem a shame not to make the most of it. It certainly helps my arthritis and it makes us all feel happy too, so not a bad combination all round.

Our Mistress uses some of the time to harvest the homegrown fruit and veg. The veg hasn’t done that well since she forgot to water it, but tiny carrots can taste nice too. It’s the pears I feel sorry for, no one seems to want to eat them. Wilma says she’d give it a go, but can’t actually reach them. I’ll stick to misshapen carrots.

Have a great Tuesday


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