Who knew? – Tuesday 30th August 2022

Who knew?

Well who knew there were so many uses for white vinegar? We’re busy proving that you can teach an old dog new tricks, although in this case it’s Mum who is having to learn. Mum bought a bulk load of white vinegar a couple of weeks ago to deal with some ants nests in a manner that was safe for us dogs. Normally she uses boiling water and tells us to stay out of the way, but you can’t do that around plant roots, unless you want to kill the plant.

Unlike Mum, the ants aren’t keen on the smell of coffee, so we use coffee grounds as a deterrent, but Mum bought the white vinegar to deal with problems at the bases of two young fruit trees.

Filling the car

Now mum’s filling the car with white vinegar. I know she’s weird, but we have to humour her. The garage we bought the car from assured Mum it had not been smoked in. Sadly, Mum is very sensitive to cigarette smoke and they were wrong. Either we need to drive with the windows open even when it’s raining, or we need to get rid of the smell. Mum can’t use chemical cleaners and they only mask smells anyway. She needed a way to draw it out and that’s where the white vinegar comes in.

There are currently six open plastic containers filled with white vinegar sitting in the car. I just hope she remembers to move them before she drives anywhere. Once that’s been in the car for a day or two she can still use it for the ants. Either that or she can use it to clean the windows.

Next up we have Sodium Bicarbonate

After the vinegar she will put sodium bicarbonate in the car for a couple of days. After that it will be bags of active charcoal. She’s really hoping that at the end of the process she will be able to drive the car with the windows closed. It’s either that or wear a waterproof coat at all times, just in case.



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  1. Dear Friends, Rosemary, Chris, Shadow, Ari and Wilma
    About the smell in the car. When we had have personnes in the holiday apartament and they smoked we left coffee beans for some days around the rooms and it came ok.
    Many greetings with all our love from Kornried Switzerland

    • What a good idea. I’ll tell Mum. We’ve always got coffee beans
      Love to you all

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