A Good Day – Wednesday 2nd October 2019

A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Oh the driving was pretty bad. There was so much rain coming down I couldn’t see out of the window. Mum reassured me that she could see, which I was very pleased about. What made it good was that Alfie went to see the vet in the morning before we left and as always our vet was lovely. He does have a second lump, although we are not sure at this stage if it is a tumour or not. It might be an abscess so we need to monitor it.

The vet has been able to give him an extra pain relief medication and we’re really hoping that will help him. She also said it’s very unlikely to have gone into the bone even if it is pressing on his spine, so that is one less thing to worry about. The best bit is that he is unlikely to be in immediate danger, so it meant Mum felt able to come away without him without worrying quite so much. He said he was feeling pretty well and put a brave face on things.

Mobility Scooter

Mum was telling me about the mobility scooter that Grandpa has got and I was asking why they don’t make them for dogs. I mentioned it to Alfie and he found the wonderful picture that he had drawn for his PDDP Manifesto that was what he would look like on a scooter. Now I want to see if Grandpa would let me have a go on his for real. I’m not sure I could reach the handles to steer very well, but it would be so cool trying.


I have a confession to make. It seems I don’t know my own strength. I might have accidentally pulled another crate apart. I didn’t mean to, it just fell apart in my paws. Now Mum says she’s going to have to get me something of the same sort of standard as my car crate to go in the house. She could just let me have free run instead. I’m sure I’d behave then – although to be honest, my record isn’t good.



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