Stir crazy – Tuesday 3rd December 2019

Stir crazy

Mum and I are steadily going stir crazy. I think this is the least I’ve ever known either of us move. Mum has taken up residence in a chair with a footstool for her foot, and I’m doing my crocodile impression, lying along the length of the settee with my eyes very firmly watching her. To be fair, I’ve been moving around a lot more than she has. Every so often I get up and do a few circuits of the settee, before slipping back down below the waterline and pretending to be a crocodile. Yesterday morning wasn’t so bad as Mana’s human and Falk’s human came to see us. That at least meant I got to do some bouncing without being told off. Then I had to be a good girl until Dad came home from work.

And here’s the worst part, I had to wait for my tea! My food is on the floor below where our lounge is and Mum is finding stairs really had to do. She comes down from the bedroom in the morning and that’s it until we go to bed at night.


I have also got some competition in taking care of Mum. Falk’s human brought an ibex to help take care of her. Not a real ibex you understand, but that’s probably worse. At least a real one would have been made to wait outside. This one can be chilled or heated and then sit on her foot to give it hot and cold relief. I said I could sit on her foot just as easily, but apparently that wouldn’t be all right. Besides, which I point blank refuse to sit in the freezer to chill first.

At least Mum has work she can do while she’s sitting there. I have to say, I am getting just a little bit bored.



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