Missing My Toys – Wednesday 4th December 2019

Missing my toys

I’m missing my toys. When I’m at home I have all sorts of toys to play with. Obviously, I’ve still got Horsey, he’s been my best friend since puppyhood, but I’ve got antlers and bones to chew on and all sorts of things I share with the others. When we travel, I don’t bring any of them with me. When I’m here we usually have far too much to keep me occupied for me to worry about my toys. Not this time. Here I am with nothing much to do from the point that Dad goes to work in the morning to when he comes home in the evening. Mum has been hogging the computer to keep her amused, so that’s not an option. She says I should read a book, but the only ones she’s brought with us are her research for her next book and I don’t want to read those.


The highlights of my day, apart from my walks with Dad and getting into bed for a few minutes in the morning have been the Corgis. Dad has been watching the series The Crown on tv and every so often the Corgis come on. It’s best when they bark to alert me that they are there. I watch those bits. It would be better if he found things to watch that were completely about dogs so there weren’t boring bits in that too. I could quite enjoy a few replays from Crufts or One Man and His Dog at the moment.

There was one point yesterday when I tried to get at next door’s cat through the window, but Mum got very cross with me for that, so I’ll give it a miss in future. She said something about one of us being injured being quite enough.



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