Medical Detection Dogs – Saturday 21st December 2019

Medical Detection Dogs

Today we want to tell you about Medical Detection Dogs. It is one of our favourite charities and one we support when we can. We dogs can do some amazing jobs for you humans and this is one where we totally excel. Because we have a very sensitive sense of smell we can detect odours that you humans simply aren’t aware are there. With training we can move away from ‘where’s the nearest food’ and onto things that are of great value and very much appreciated.

Detecting Disease

A trained dog can do anything from alerting a person with diabetes that they have an immediate problem to sniffing out cancer. A dog once trained can also sniff out nuts to protect a person with a serious nut allergy. The dogs trained by Medical Detection dogs, whether they are alert dogs, or bio-detection dogs, have saved the lives of many people by the work they do.

We first heard about them when they placed a dog with a friend of our Mistress. For the last nine years Lola has worked very hard to care for her human and without the work Lola does that human might not be here today, so well done Lola.

How can you help?

This is one where there are several ways you can help. Obviously making a donation is always welcome, but you could instead of a one-off donation decide to sponsor a puppy. If you have the time, you could give that instead and offer to help with things like puppy socialisation. You can even just show your support by signing up to their newsletter.

They have a shop too, so you can buy things as presents and help them in the process.

They don’t receive any funding except the money they can raise. The job they are doing is a quite incredible one and we would like to thank the humans that work in that field and all the dogs who have been trained in this important work.

You can take a look for yourself HERE


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