Walkies – Friday 10th January 2020


At last we can take Mum out for walkies again. At least we can as long as she’s careful. She says she is not ready to walk on uneven ground, which pretty much rules out the pavements around her. She is starting small. You can tell her priorities, her first trip was to the butcher’s down the road. Usually it would take her a couple of minutes. We were ready to send a search party for her as it took her ages to walk there and back. For some reason that escapes me, she says she is taking particular care when around me. I think she may be implying that I’m a liability, but she admitted herself that the break was not my actual fault, even if I was there at the time.


Alfie was having a bad day with his dementia yesterday. I think it was combined with being in discomfort and he was very grumpy when I was around. I can see a bit of theme developing here. I’m just misunderstood. I can’t help being a naturally exuberant dogality. Mum says we have to give him some leeway, but even she had to get cross with him at one point. She feels really guilty when she does, but sometimes he just gets into a cycle of behaviour and loses the plot.

Alfie begging for his tea


Shadow and Aristotle have been playing tug. From where we are it sounds as though they are killing each other but they’ve assured us they’re not. One small issue, apart from the broken gnome, which in itself is a long story, is that it seems Shadow could do with a trip to the dental hygienist. Her gums are bleeding a little. That wouldn’t be so bad if they hadn’t done it all over her cuddly cow, which is largely white. Or at least, it was white. It’s now a bloody pinky colour.



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