This is Hard – Monday 20th January 2020

This is hard

Well this is hard. Alfie isn’t doing so well. It’s his dementia. He’s on some tablets to help him stay calm and Mum has been giving them to him twice a day. Unfortunately, they have stopped working for twelve hours so we’ve had a couple of days with time when they’ve worn off and he’s really hard to be around. Mum is going to move him to three times a day from today and we’re all hoping that will solve the problem. Poor Mum was very frazzled yesterday when they wore off and he wouldn’t stop wandering around barking. We had to put up with it for two hours before she could give him his next tablet. If she had done it sooner then he was likely to get us up in the middle of the night and she didn’t want that.

Alfie built himself a nest behind the chair

I really nope none of the rest of us every get dementia as it’s not very nice to watch at all.

On a Brighter Note

On a brighter note, Mum thinks she can start to increase the amount of walking she does now. She took Shadow round the village yesterday and didn’t even need to take a stick. She thinks she’ll need a stick on uneven ground for a little while, but that’s likely to arrive today so she has said that Ari and I can start having walks again. We’re both very excited. When we drive to where we walk we will have to sit on the car seat as Alfie will need to go with us in the crate in the boot. He will have his coat on, so he should be warm enough waiting for us. I don’t think my walks will be very long yet, but I just can’t wait to find out what’s been going on in my absence.