Doing Well – Monday 27th January 2020

Doing well

Alfie has been doing well over the weekend. It may not sound much to you, but we all got very excited when he cocked his leg to pee yesterday. He hasn’t done that for ages… well, not without falling over anyway. He’s still partly incontinent and confused, but Mum said he was looking quite a lot better in himself. She’s even wondering whether to try reducing some of his medications and see if she can move him back to the kitchen so she can sleep upstairs. Maybe she should try to move him back to the kitchen to sleep as the first thing and see if that works. I know she really would like it if that could work out.

Shadow is doing well Walking

Shadow went for a 0.9km walk yesterday. She didn’t think that was very exciting, but Mum did. It took her less time than it had the day before with Aristotle, but that was because they were walking on pavements. I think it’s Aristotle’s turn again today, so it will be slower. He can’t walk on pavements because of his elbows and has to go to the airfield. Mum will have to hobble along slowly behind him. She wants to do more than a kilometre today, so she may be gone some time!

Doggy pals

I’m going to play with my doggy pals again for the day so that I can run off some steam. It definitely does me good and I do enjoy it. I miss being with Mum, but it’s only for a few hours so it’s not so bad.

My sister

My sister Wanda

Mama’s human sent me some pictures of my sister Wanda yesterday. Mum thought we looked really alike in this one and said it would be fun to see us together. I’d love to see my sister so I do hope it will be possible to arrange it. I wonder if we’d look alike when we were together.

Love Wilma