Alfie is feeling Anxious – Thursday 20th February 2020

Alfie is feeling anxious

Alfie is feeling anxious as he is going to day care today to see how he gets on. To be fair, I think Mum is even more anxious than Alfie. On the one paw she really wants it to work as she needs to go away for a couple of days in March, but on the other paw she feels as though she is doing the wrong thing even making him try. Shadow is going with him to hold his paw and she has promised to take the very best care of him. She has also promised to call Mum if for any reason he isn’t coping. Mum has said that even though we’ve got the whole day free without her having to sit with him, we won’t be going far from home in case he needs collecting.


What is going to be weird is that Aristotle can come in the lounge with us. He has been missing out on time with Mum as Alfie can’t cope with having him around. It is going to be such a treat for him to actually get the day with us. He’s very excited. You’ll realise, if you know our breed, that being excited is not always an altogether good thing and can lead to mishaps. I’ve been made to promised not to wind him up in any way or I will be banished. As if I’d do anything of the sort – well, not in a way that anyone would realise it was me anyway!

Apple Tree

Every morning Mum and I go out to look at her favourite apple tree in the garden. Last year, it started to bud and then we had a sharp frost and the whole tree stopped. We don’t know if it has died or if it’s just waiting to have another go. Whichever it is, we are examining it closely every day and if Mum sees anything begin to happen I think you might hear her excitement from wherever you are!

Love Wilma

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