Bad Behaviour – Thursday 12th March 2020

Bad Behaviour

Both Aristotle and I have been told off for bad behaviour. Mum has sat us both down and explained ‘again’ that while she’s looking after Alfie she cannot give either of us the amount of attention we would like. She rather sobered us up by saying that situation was not likely to be for that much longer. She’s asked us both to be a little more patient and a lot more understanding. Apparently, it is not ok for Aristotle to poo in the snug right after he has been taken out, or for me to bark incessantly when I don’t get what I want when I want it. I really can’t think why. Of course, I don’t think it helped when I laughed at what Aristotle has been doing and wished I’d thought of it first.

Morning Routine

Apparently I’m not in trouble for my new morning routine as I have only been helpful so far. I’m being good and staying in my crate in the office overnight. I don’t want to, but I can see why I’m there. However, when I hear Mum giving Alfie his breakfast, I know it’s my turn next. At that point, every morning, I open the crate door and let myself out so I’m waiting behind the kitchen door when Mum comes through. Now, puppies, if you haven’t worked out how to open your crates, if it’s like mine, use your paws like hands and hold the door with one and the bit beside it with the other. Then rattle it back and forwards really fast and you can get the little hooks to flip over and move backwards out of the way. No damage done and the door opened as it should be. You’d think the manufacturers would dog proof them really.

I’m off to learn a new trick – what shall I try this time?



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