Shadow and Aristotle – Wednesday 11th March 2020

Shadow and Aristotle

Shadow and Aristotle have had a bit of a falling out. To be fair, there’s never been that much love lost between them. She might be his mother, but she didn’t want him to stay here when he was a pup and she’s never quite got over her prejudice. At the moment, as Mum is with Alfie so much, Shadow and Aristotle are spending a lot of time together in the snug. Alfie can’t cope with Ari being close, so Shadow is supposed to be monitoring his behaviour. Well, you can imagine what Aristotle thinks of that. Yesterday, he let all his frustration out and pounced on her. Shadow then complained he’d actually hurt her and moaned like anything. Mum thinks she was just doing it to make a point. Anyway, Shadow’s last words on the subject were, ‘If you make me share a room with that xxxx dog again, then I won’t be responsible for my actions.’

Red Mist

Mum said she’s seen Shadow when the red mist comes down and she gets really angry, so she may need to find alternative arrangements for Aristotle for a while. He’s more trustworthy than I am, so I’m guessing he may get the use of the office. If he does, I suggest Mum unplugs the phone first to stop him making any calls to premium rate numbers. You can never be too certain what he’s going to work out how to do next.

Alfie Going to the Vet

Alfie is going to the vet again this morning. Mum needs to find out why he’s been so unsettled despite all his medication. He’s got to do one of those little sample pot things before he goes. Mum has to get it just right so as not to find herself too much part of the process.



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