Isolation – Saturday 21st March 2020


Well here we are in self-imposed isolation . To be honest, it’s not very different to the last few months since Mum broke her ankle. Firstly we sat in the same room as she couldn’t walk anywhere. Then we sat in the same room so she could look after Alfie. Now that her ankle is fine and we don’t have to care for Alfie we are free to go anywhere. Or as it turns out absolutely nowhere. Mum has underlying health conditions so has no wish to find out what would happen if she did become ill. We are going out, but only for walks or if we need to go to the vet. Shadow will still go swimming. The lovely lady there has worked a way for Shadow to go in on her own and then come out when she’s finished. Mum has to sit outside and wait. Ari is waiting for an appointment with the specialist and Mum has promised him that is a priority too.

Dad in Switzerland

Dad is sitting on his own in Switzerland without even a dog to look after him. He is working from home too. Thankfully we use technology to see him, but we have no idea when we’ll be able to give him a good sniff and lick. It is all very odd indeed.

Wherever you are around this crazy world we do hope you are all staying safe and staying sane. You can always drop us a line and tell us how you are entertaining your humans.

Sniff And Tell CANCELLED

Our friends at Medical Detection Dogs have let us know that their Sniff and Tell event that we were telling you about a few days ago has had to be cancelled. It’s very sad as they were so looking forward to running it and it was an important way to help them raise funds for their work. Hopefully they will be able to rearrange it at a later date.



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  1. Do Wilma Aristotle and Shadow seem to be accepting that Alfie is sadly no longer part of their family?

    • We are all coping quite well. Shadow hasn’t bothered at all. Ari and I are a bit upset but we’ve got more of Mum’s time now and that definitely helps. We’re having lots of cuddles

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