In trouble – Tuesday 31st March 2020

I’m in trouble

It looks like I’m in trouble again. All this self-isolation is all very well until I start finding things to occupy myself. Apparently, I am not supposed to be digging in the garden using my own initiative. It turns out I am not supposed to be eating sticks either. Unfortunately, both of those activities were easily discovered by Mum. The hole in the grass rather gave away the digging. If it had not been for still having dirt under my claws I might have been able to claim it was Shadow. The stick was an altogether different matter. Mum didn’t actually see me eating, however it turns out that a stick is hard to digest. Basically, I was caught pooing the stick I ate yesterday. That rather made it impossible to try to say it was one of the others. I have had to hold my paw up and admit what I’d done.


Mum says it’s time to start planting carrots. Normally that would be a job Aristotle would help with, but given he’s on crate rest I’ve put my paw up to help. I was a little disappointed to discover that at this stage the carrots are no more than seeds. I’d got it into my head there might be one or two I could eat, but it looks as though I’m going to have an awfully long wait. With hindsight it would have been better to offer to help with putting the shopping away instead. I really must learn to think through what the job involves before volunteering. It’s left me wondering why Aristotle gets so excited about helping with the gardening. It isn’t as though I can dig a hole or eat a stick while Mum is actually watching. At least being outside I get more time to run around like a mad thing which in itself has its advantages.



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