Today is the Day – Monday 6th April 2020

Today is the day

Well, today is the day. Mum will let dad out of his isolation and back into the real world. He’s done his time in solitary confinement and can now come out to play with me. I am presuming playing with me will be his first priority but Mum has gently prepared me for the fact it may not be. She’s also explained to us all that he is working from home so can’t just come outside whenever we want him to. Sometimes she can be such a killjoy.

One good thing is that we will now get to sit in the lounge in an evening. Which is great as I can sit on the settee with them. Ari is still on crate rest and Shadow will sit with Andrew so I shall get two humans all to myself. How cool is that?


The other good news about Dad being able to join us is that Mum is celebrating by cooking steak. I did wonder now Alfie isn’t around, how long it would be before I got steak. I plan to make the most of it in case I have to wait a long time for the next one.

I’ve got our days planned out so I’m hoping Dad can adjust this diary to fit in with my plans. I guess at least now the nights are lighter I can go for a walk later if I have to. I do hope he can fit in a morning coffee outside as well.


We’re not going to run out of Bonios for a while. Mum has bought them in bulk as she knows how important they are to us. I sat down with her and said, ‘You don’t want to run out of Hobnobs do you?’ Anyway, once I’d made her realise our equivalent would be running out of Bonios she was very quick to order the next five boxes. That’s one worry off my mind.



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