Let Out – Tuesday 7th April 2020

Let out

Well Dad was let out of his isolation yesterday. We’re all very pleased to see him, but he says he quite likes it in the room he’s been in and went back again. I think that was only because it was quieter there to work, but I’m not completely sure.

Wilma greeting dad when he was let out of quarantine.

Windy day

It was a sunny but windy day. That was just fine as far as I was concerned as it meant Mum did all the washing and spent ages outside hanging it all out. Shadow and I had great fun running around the whole time she was out there. Shadow said it had been enough to wear her out and she was coughing a bit. Mum told us we had to slow down. Slowing down is not something our breed is awfully good at. In the end Shadow stayed indoors and I ran round on behalf of both of us.

Shadow’s heart

Shadow really hates having a heart problem. It’s not just the exercise thing that’s annoying her. She says the worst part is that she has to take her tablets half an hour before eating. In a morning she finds it really difficult to have to wait, because she’s hungry. It isn’t helped by the fact that Mum has actually gone back to bed and it’s ages before Shadow has been given her breakfast.

Weather Forecast

Well, the weather forecast is good so now I just need to persuade my humans they need a lot of outdoor time. It can’t do them any harm to get some sunshine so I think I’ve got a pretty good argument. It’s just a shame that Aristotle is having to miss out. I’m really missing having him around. I suppose it would have been better if I hadn’t broken him in the first place.



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