Sharing the compost – Tuesday 5th July 2022

Sharing the compost

We’re sharing the compost with the local wildlife. Oh it’s exciting being a dog when you get the scent of animals who have been in your garden. I was all over the place yesterday trying to find exactly where they’d gone. Then to my delight we had a visitor while I was around and I was beside myself. Mum didn’t see what it was and I’m not telling, but I was desperately trying to find a way to chase after it. Mum made me sit down and explained that was precisely why she improved the fencing and I am not supposed to find a way through… under or for that matter over! She is such a killjoy. We had to make do with digging up the ground under where the bin was that has been removed. You humans miss so much – it tastes yummy to me.

Ari is grumpy

Oh you can’t believe how grumpy Ari is this morning with not being able to have breakfast and not being allowed to go and forage for his own from the garden. He’s like a bear with a sore head – not that I know any real bears. It’s just appropriate as Bear is one of his nicknames. He is going to be so pleased when he comes home later and is allowed to eat. I just hope he doesn’t make too much fuss at the vet because he’s hungry. Shadow is very good when it comes to scans and doesn’t complain at all. Aristotle may not be quite so keen.

Fed up with Dad

We’re all fed up with Dad. He keeps going round removing all the fallen apples. He says he’s avoiding problems for the apple trees. We think he’s just being mean taking away things we planned to eat. The only good thing is that so many fall we get to a good number before he does. It’s a race against time to eat them all.