Email – Sunday 10th May 2020


At last I’ve got my own email account. Go one, send me an email. I’m I’ve been wanting my own for ages, but Mum said no. Anyway, Dad said as I was doing all these meetings with people, it would be better if I were to set them up at times to suit me. Then he said to Mum that he’s prefer me not to be using his email as he didn’t trust me not to be doing other things too. There you have it, in one easy move I got my own email account after months of moaning at Mum.

The funny thing is that when Mum did try to create a Facebook account for me, it didn’t work as it said I had to be a ‘person’. How dogist is that? Alfie had his own account and Mum hates me using it. She might have to use that one after all. I wonder if it would let her change his name to mine to make it easier.

Planning ahead

After weeks of every day seeming much like the one before, things are starting to change around here. Dad talked to Mum yesterday about when he is likely to have to go back to Switzerland and it’s not that many weeks away. Mum was hoping he might be here for longer and had put it out of her mind. Now it is starting to feel real and there are some things which need to be worked out. I wish I could go to keep Dad company, but he’s told me that looking after Mum will be my important job. I guess I can email him from my new account when I’m really missing him and Mum always lets me ring him too. It has been lovely all being at home together though.



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