Stitches – Monday 11th May 2020


Aristotle is having his stitches out this morning. Mum has been counting the hours down, never mind Aristotle. After his attempt to do it himself she’s been really worried. Hopefully he can leave the cone off then too. Mum is going to talk to the vet about the dressings he’s eaten too, but may look at feeding him carrots to see what happens. Ari has asked if he can have steak to go with the carrots but Mum says that would be a waste.

He will still only be able to do a little exercise in the garden for the next few weeks, so he’s got a long way to go on his recovery. He isn’t even allowed off lead in the garden for a while, so I shall have to keep doing the gardening until he can take over.

New Pool

Mum saw a picture of one of my friends playing with his boomer ball in a really good paddling pool. I’ve got a little paddling pool but it isn’t really very big. Anyway, I used the whole puppy dog eyes thing and asked very nicely if I could have one and she’s ordered it. She’s even ordered me a boomer ball to play with too. I think Shadow might like to have a go too, so we can share it. Now we just need the weather to warm again so that Mum will come out to join us. I do hope it’s delivered soon.


Mum has gone into planning mode. Dad has to go back to Switzerland. None of us wants him to go, but he has to. He will go in three weeks, which is going to be really sad. Mum is busy allocating jobs to us all for when he’s gone so we don’t get too down. I think she says I can help with some decorating. Shadow is excited as her room is one of the ones that Mum is going to decorate and Mum has said Shadow can choose the colour scheme. Goodness knows what will happen.



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