How many beds? – Tuesday 5th October 2021

How many beds?

How many beds does a dog need? Personally, I think you can never have too many. Mum sadly disagrees. The worst has happened. As part of the downsizing from our old house, she has actually suggested we need to throw out some of our old tatty beds. They are the ones we’re most attached to. How can we possibly decide what to get rid of? I suggested we could scatter them liberally about the house, but Mum is fed up of tripping over everything. So far we’ve got a big bed in the garden room and a big bed in the bedroom. Oh and two small ones in the bedroom too. Clearly we’ll need one or two in the lounge and I was thinking that maybe some in the office, but there’s not much room.

Where to put them?

We can’t possibly do without one in the kitchen. My argument is that Shadow needs to rest while Mum is cooking. Then there’s spare ones for when we go to kennels and some for the car and then the just in case beds – for visitors or to have outside on nice days. I really don’t think we should be getting rid of any. Mum may see it differently, but I’m going to argue my case as well as possible.

I might save until last the argument that if Mum didn’t have so many pairs of shoes then there’d be enough space for all our beds. That one could go two ways. Either she will be mortified, see my point and stop nagging me, or she’s not going to take it well. To be honest, I suspect the latter.

Great Nephews

Mum’s excited to be seeing her new great-nephews on Zoom later on. I want to see the too, so I hope I’m included on the call. They were born within only a few days of each other and it’s going to be wonderful watching them grow up. I do hope they like dogs!



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