Puppy Mishap Flashback – Friday 22nd May 2020

Alfie as a puppy
Alfie as a puppy

Well here we are with another Friday Flashback and let’s make it a Puppy Mishap. One of the best bits about doing a flashback is that there has been no other year of the diary when we have been shut up at home, not allowed out. I started looking back to 2006 when Alfie was just six months old

Alfie’s puppy mishap

I have discovered the delights of an upset stomach. My mistress is not being sympathetic, she seems to think one of the many things I eat and drink when we are out is to blame. For some reason my mistress does not seem to think that eating horse dung and drinking from the putrid remains of water at the bottom of the ditch is a good thing but I’m a dog! Things like that come naturally. However I currently feel like it is the end of the world as I know it and if this doesn’t stop soon I may just have to conclude that maybe my mistress isn’t as stupid as she looks.

Three years later, in 2009, Alfie was still showing his appreciation of food.

Pavlov’s Dogs

You would like to think that as an intelligent animal, I might have raised myself up slightly higher than the old Pavlov’s Dogs Syndrome. However, you’d be wrong. I, like many of my species, make basic associations and assumptions, particularly when these are driven by food. The postman always gives me a biscuit, incidentally he now gives one to Shadow as well. The result is that I know associate things coming through the front door with biscuits. Some dogs chew the post, I just sit there expecting a biscuit to follow it. I can sit there quite a long time before I reluctantly have to accept that someone other than Brian has put something through the letterbox and they have not been as well trained. My Mistress uses the concept to her advantage and if she wants us to come to her from anywhere in the house or garden, she simply shakes the box of biscuits. It already works with Shadow as well, mind you, she has an annoying tendency to come when called anyway.

Well I think that’s quite enough of that. Aristotle is making very slow progress. He is using his leg when he moves slowly, but if he wants to go a little faster is still finding three legs are easier. Mum has said he really needs to focus on slow and careful. Like that’s going to happen!



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