Creature of habit – Wednesday 27th May 2020

Creature of habit

To say Aristotle is a creature of habit is a bit of an understatement. He was so funny last night. Mum had put him to bed when he expected to go, but then he was kicking off and crying. Mum was worried he wasn’t well. She put us out of the way so she could go in to him without us trying to help. Anyway, when she got in to his room she asked him what was wrong. She thought he was going to say he felt sick or needed the toilet. He was fine, it was just that Mum had forgotten to put the blanket over the top of his crate and he wanted it sorted out. Once she had put the blanket in place he was happy to settle down and go to sleep.

Ari’s recovery

He was using his leg a little more yesterday and even put it to the ground when Mum moved a little faster. He says he’s not ready to use it all the time yet, but it is feeling somewhat easier than it was and we all now crossing our paws that the improvement continues.

Six months

We have effectively been in isolation now for six months. Mum can probably count on her fingers the number of people she has seen in that time. She might need a few more fingers but not many. It all started when she broke her ankle on her way to Switzerland and then when we got back she had to care for Alfie. By the time she didn’t have to be with Alfie 24 hours a day the rest of the world had joined in the whole isolation experiment. Now she’s wondering just how long she will have to be shut away. At least we have a few months of long warm days to look forward to. I think it might feel less tolerable when we get back to autumn and I can’t spend all day outdoors.



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  1. What a lovely idea for a four-legged friend to publish a diary! Sorry about little Alfie going to Doggy Heaven… Big hug to you all, Team Alfie! Thing is, our humans have a harsh time accepting the idea that us pets get old like they do, and that one day we just stop running as fast as we used to, our favourite game of fetch and the good old ball are no longer relevant and all we want is for our beds to be plumped up with an additional layer of comfy pillows instead and for the cookie jar to magically open whenever we call it Sesame! Hey, my name is Tickle and I’m a 14-year-old senior Jack who’s slowed down (for health reasons mostly). I now appreciate life in the slow lane, gallivanting around the house and gazing at buttercups and butterflies.

    • Hello Tickle,
      What a great name. We know a bit about slowing down. Shadow started playing with me today then remembered how old she is. Aristotle has always been a laid back sort of guy, even though he’s a bit younger. I was nicknamed ‘Wild Wilma’ by my breeder, so you get the picture of what I’m like.
      Take care

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