Pictures of the Mountains – Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Pictures of the Mountains

My family and friends in Switzerland keep sending me lovely pictures of the mountains. The skies are so wonderfully blue and the grass beautifully green. I know the weather has been good here and I do live in a lovely area, but I wish I could visit my homeland. Mum says they are dealing with the current virus situation better than this country too. That has to be a good thing. I asked Mum if we could go back with Dad when he goes, but she says we can’t. For a start she is not allowed to travel. More importantly we’d need to take Shadow and Aristotle if we were going for a long time. Neither of them can cope with all the stairs where Dad lives. I wondered about just me offering to go back with Dad, but I’d miss Mum too much and she needs me.

Solar lights

Yesterday was not a huge success on the delivery front. Mum has some really nice solar lights in the garden so she ordered some more. When the delivery man arrived he asked if the contents were breakable and said we might want to send it straight back. We didn’t need to open the box to realise that instead of five lights it was more likely to contain 500 bits of lights. Mum says she won’t order anything else breakable as it all gets too difficult.

Shadow’s Ears

Mum thought Shadow might be going deaf. Then yesterday she started shaking her head a bit and on investigation Mum has found she has a lot of wax that’s built up. She helped Shadow with some basic cleaning but has to get her some ear drops to sort the rest of it out. We are now hoping that Shadow will be able to hear again once it’s sorted out.



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