We win – Thursday 11th June 2020

We win

Well we win and that battle didn’t last long. So much for the staying in bed and finding her natural pattern of sleep. Faced with two dogs barking at her at 6.30am, Mum has decided to give in gracefully and accept that with or without an alarm clock she is going to be getting up early on a daily basis. She has said that anything before 6.30 may not be tolerated, but we’ve heard that one before. Mum should know by now that as soon as it’s two against one then she stands no chance.


I really want to set up a motion activated video to film the squirrel with our bone. Mum and I watched him pick it up the other day and sit by the water butt gnawing on it. Now every day it moves a few metres down the garden. I think he’s trying to take it away but either gets disturbed or finds it too heavy to go far with. I offered to go outside to ‘discuss’ it with him, but Mum saw straight through my plan and knew I just wanted to chase him. It was worth a try. He looks very healthy. I think Mum might be being too generous with the food rations for the wildlife around here.

My Zoom calls

I think I’ve got back on top of my Zoom calls for when people want to meet one of our breed but can’t because of lockdown. I should make a list of the frequently asked questions as so often they want to know the same things. Are we easy to train? Well, yes, but in our experience we are much better at training our humans than our humans are at training us. How much exercise do we need? Well we aren’t all the same, but generally a good brisk walk once a day will keep me fit, much as it does you. Of course I am also happy to walk all day, but more than anything I want to spend my day in your company doing whatever it is you are doing. Oh and I want to eat your meals too if that’s ok by you!




  1. Hi Wilma, talking of food I was in the right place at the right time the other day. Dad bought him and Mum a danish pastry. He made the coffee and they started to eat them when I appeared. Mum quickly tried to push hers out of my reach but failed! I was there to retrieve it like a shot. Off I ran to my bed with it. It was delicious. So much so I will add another one to the shopping list on Monday. I think Dad will recognise my writing but it is worth a try. Mum was worried I would have an upset tummy but no. I just slept all morning dreaming of cakes!!! Love Dickens XXXXXX

    • Oh Dickens, do be careful. Never steal one with currants or sultanas in it. Mum has explained to me how dangerous they can be and won’t have them around us. I think she might secretly eat them when she goes out though.

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