Sad News – Monday 15th June 2020

Sad news

Shadow received some sad news over the weekend. She was part of a litter of four. Her brother Freddy died quite young, but this weekend she lost her brother Kai. She hadn’t seen him for many years, but kept in touch by email. He lived in South Wales with his family. She said she always meant to visit him but it was hard with her not being able to drive. Mum told her just as we were going to bed on Saturday night. I immediately got into bed next to her in case she needed me. Mum was surprised as we normally sleep in separate beds, but you can’t leave one of your pack on their own when they’ve received news like that.

Comforting Shadow

She still has one brother, Rocky, who had a health scare last year but is now fine. He gets to live in Portugal for some of the time and Germany for the rest.

Anyway, she sends her love to Kai’s family, as do the rest of us. We hope he and Freddy have found each other on the other side of the rainbow bridge and are enjoying themselves.

Bird Table

I am now able to reveal the beginning of the bird table project. It’s going to take a little while for Mum to complete the work and put it all together. As you can see, it’s a signpost. She’s painting place names that have been important to her and Dad on each of the arms on the post. Given there are four arms and they have two sides, she’s only a quarter of the way through the painting schedule. Anyway – why Santa’s Grotto? Now don’t let any young children read this, but Dad has played the role of Santa in the village for the last few years so it’s a fun reference to that. Schilde was where they lived in Belgium when Alfie first came into their lives and Antwerp was their nearest city. You’ll have to wait until Mum paints them to see what the other arms say.



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