Not Again – Sunday 14th June 2020

Not again!

Oh dear, not again! Anyone would think that Mum had other things on her mind the way this week is going. Given the risk involved you are going to find this hard to believe, but Mum gave Shadow the wrong food again. Thankfully, Shadow is rather more sensible than Mum gives her credit for. She took a few mouthfuls and then walked away from her bowl. “Aren’t you hungry?” Mum asked her. “Duh! Yes,” said Shadow. Let’s be honest, Shadow can also be quite rude as well as bright! Mum looked at the bowl and realised to her horror that she’d put a scoop of Aristotle’s food in it again.

At least this time, Shadow had to good sense not to eat it all. Mum is hoping that she won’t have too poorly a tummy as a result. We’ll find out later today. Once Mum got the right food, Shadow happily tucked in and finished it all. I think it might be wise for me to take charge of feeding time the way things are going.

Delivery for the dogs

Home deliveries are always so much more exciting when they come for us. The delivery driver knew it was for us as there were little paw prints on the box. We knew it was for us by the smell. Mum had ordered all our favourite treats and then made us promise not to eat them all at once. Right! Like she doesn’t eat all the ones she buys for herself! At least I don’t have to share mine as mine are not grain free. Shadow and Ari have special ones that won’t give them poorly tummies. Mum can get that bit right. For treats she puts them in different places so she always gives the right dog the right treats – why doesn’t she do that with our food? Humans can be very dense at times.



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