In Memory of Arnie – Friday 7th August 2020

In Memory of Arnie

I’m writing this in memory of my brother, Arnie, who died on Wednesday. I’m finding it very hard to come to terms with the fact that I have lost one of my siblings when we are still so comparatively young. Both my human mum and birth mum (Shadow) are very sad about it. We can’t help thinking just how awful it must feel for Arnie’s lovely human family who really were a wonderful place for him to live. I want to send them love and licks from me and Shadow.


Arnie was a very special puppy in this house. Arnold from Torfheide and was Shadow’s firstborn pup and the first for our kennel. He was born at 11.25am on Monday 19th September 2011. He was my big brother, both in size and in that he was a little older than me so of course I looked up to him. His name was after the wonderful vet in Switzerland who saved the day when Shadow’s microchip failed when she was on her way back to England after mating with my father Rino von der Untergass. If it hadn’t been for the wonderful vet Mr Odermatt, Mum says she doesn’t know what she’d have done.

Mum with Arnie when he was 5 weeks old

Arnie’s Life

Arnie has spent his life helping to bring up two little girls who are going to be devastated to have lost their playmate. I wish I could go and give them both a big hug and lick. He had actually had the same surgery on his leg that I had a few weeks ago. He came through the surgery all right, but had a heart attack while still at the vet the following morning. They tried CPR but sadly couldn’t bring him back.

Thank you for being my big brother, Arnie. Wherever you are now, run free and give Alfie our love. I’m sure he’ll do his best to look after you. Until we meet again,



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  1. Hello Ari, we are very sorry to hear the sad news this morning. We send best wishes to you all and Arnie`s family. Lots of love Dickens XXXXX

    • Thanks, bro, it’s just such a shock. It has certainly made me appreciate everyone around me that little bit more
      Take care

  2. Where so sorry to hear about Arnie I know his family are devastated. I remember so clearly his birth and all of your births for that matter, it makes me realise just how lucky we have been getting your brother Amigo through two of the very same operations. We have sent our love and hugs to Arnies family at such a sad time .

    Much love Avril and Amigo xxxxx

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