Quiz – Wednesday 19th August 2020


We had a quiz last night to help raise money for our Club’s rescue funds. When I say ‘we’, here’s the odd thing, it was the humans not for us dogs. Wouldn’t you think they would have arranged it in such a way that we could have taken part. Oh I tried, but my shouting out the answers wasn’t appreciated for some reason. ‘Whisper them to me,’ Mum said, ‘or better still write them down for me.’ She knows I have a tendency to shout when I know the answer. I’m always doing that at the most inappropriate times. She should have turned her microphone off if she didn’t want anyone else to hear me.


Mum has finished putting our Club’s calendar together. You’ll all be able to buy one, so don’t worry. I tried to get her to sneak my picture in, but she wouldn’t have any of it. If I didn’t win fair and square then I couldn’t be included. I am going to start demanding some proper photo shoots so I can build up a portfolio to choose from for next year. She’s always told me I have the most amazing eyes. She should make more of them.

My Collar

I’m in Mum’s bad books for doing more damage to my lovely new collar. I don’t know how it happens. Is it really my fault if I push my way into spaces I’m not supposed to be in and catch it on things? She says if I don’t start being more careful my next one will be a very boring and functional collar and won’t be pretty at all. That’s told me. I’m sure she doesn’t really mean it. She likes me looking pretty. I’m her little girl and I can get away with just about anything.



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