Boys against girls – Thursday 27th August 2020

Boys against girls

When you compare boys against girls we really are very different in the ways we go about things. I’m not talking about humans particularly, but I suspect the same things apply. Because I was going to day care yesterday I left Aristotle with the instructions to look after Mum. I thought he’d do a good job or I wouldn’t have gone off enjoying myself for the day. When we got to kennels I ran in to see my friends and was happy that Mum would be in safe paws.

Different approaches

My approach when Mum is under the weather is to lick her snuggle up to her and make sure I’m in a comfortable position for us to nap together. Both Shadow and I are very licky dogs when it comes to taking care of our humans. It’s a girl thing I think. All part of our maternal instincts.

Aristotle saw his role quite differently. When Mum needed a bit of a nap, he did join her, as I had expected him to. However, he didn’t cuddle up but put himself on guard duty to protect her while she napped. I am not absolutely sure what he was protecting her from. We don’t get many dragons for example in the office.

I did of course take over from him when I got home, but I’m pleased to say she was feeling somewhat better, so maybe his approach works after all.

Clotted Cream

Whilst I was out, Aristotle did discover just how much he likes clotted cream. He didn’t do anything wrong, don’t worry. Mum had scones with clotted cream and jam for her and dad and she gave a little of the cream to Ari. He hasn’t stopped talking about it and  has already said that when the container is nearly empty he’d like to lick it out. I’m going to let him. Not because I’m nice, but because I know she’s making a cheesecake later in the week and I’m going to be on paw to help with that.



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