A Dog’s Safe Diet – Wednesday 26th August 2020

A Dog’s Safe Diet

It’s very important as a dog for your human to know about a dog’s safe diet. More to the point, it is very important for them to know what is not safe for you to eat. It’s a topic we’ve covered from time to time. We’ve been sent a link to a very good list which goes through a whole range of food stuffs. It explains what is safe and what is not safe for you to eat. It is worth getting your humans to bookmark this. Then they can check back to it at intervals, preferably before you try something new.

It is also worth you dogs bookmarking it so you can pull it out when you feel peckish and there’s something interesting lying around, just so you can say to your human ‘Can I have some of that, please?’ Do remember the ‘please’ on the end of the sentence. Humans are so used to reacting when people ask nicely that you’ll be outside with the steak before they realise what they’ve said yes to. You can find the article HERE

Day Care

I’m off to see my friends today. To be honest I’m in two minds about it. Of course, I do want the chance of a good play and run round with other dogs, but I’ve been enjoying all the cuddles with Mum recently and I feel I should be there for her. She’s not been well and that involves having to take naps with her dog at regular intervals. If I’m not there then Aristotle will have to substitute for me and he isn’t so good at lying quietly when she needs him to. It’s unthinkable that she might have to have a nap without one of us as a comforter.



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  1. Hi Wilma,
    I look after my owners too. It used to be for my Mum, ’cause she was ill A LOT, but just recently, my Dad hasn’t been too good so I’ve taken my spot beside him on the bed watching over him. Problem is, I sometimes get too close and he can’t turn over, so he grumbles. The things we have to put up with when we look after our owners (sigh!).
    A very loyal, mature Border Terrier

    • Well done Jessie. It’s such a good job they’ve got us. I really don’t know what they’d do if we didn’t look after them.
      Love from

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