I’m not stupid – Tuesday 29th September 2020

I’m not stupid

I’m many things, but I’m not stupid. Yesterday we went out in the car. That’s not something we’ve been doing a lot of. Over the last few weeks it has meant daycare for me and that is a good thing as I get to see my friends. Anyway, I jumped in to the back full of the joys of autumn. It was a beautiful day and I thought a day with my friends would be perfect. We were a little late leaving, but it’s been that time on some days so I was unconcerned.

We didn’t turn left. That was the first clue. Despite me shouting to Mum that she was going the wrong way, she can be absentminded, she paid no attention. At the end of the road we turned right and I started to get a sense of foreboding.

Good journeys and bad journeys

We have good journeys turning right and bad journeys. A good one would be when we head to Switzerland. I’m not stupid, I knew we weren’t doing that as we hadn’t packed my bed. A bad journey is when I have to go to the vet. Oh don’t get me wrong, we have what is probably the best vet in the whole world, but it doesn’t mean I like going there. Shadow might be stoic. Ari might take things with resignation. I on the other paw will fight my way out of any situation where someone is going to do anything that hurts me. I was going to the vet.

Routine visit

‘It’s just a routine visit, Wilma.’ I did not want to get out of the car.

That would be routine as in routine vaccinations where they stick a needle in me. Routine as in ‘let’s take a sample from that lump on your shoulder’ with ANOTHER needle. Routine as in ‘let’s clip your claws’, which I’m never keen on at the best of times.

I was very happy to get back into the car and the next time Mum says we’re popping out I shall remember to ask where we’re going before I decide to go with her.

Supplementing my diet at the bird feeder



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