Leg Brace and Vitamins – Saturday 7th November 2020

Leg Brace and Vitamins

Well Shadow has started with her leg brace and vitamins. To be fair we all take a special vitamin supplement but now Shadow is taking a stronger concoction. The leg brace is a completely new experience. Shadow is getting used to it. She says it definitely does give support and is really helpful, but it feels very weird to wear it. Mum is having to work out how to put it on without causing discomfort as she does it, especially as Shadow refuses to stay still.

Shadow wearing her new leg brace

The biggest problem is that she wriggles and the strap across her back slips off. It’s not a big deal at the moment as she has to get used to it before she wears it for too long at a time. However to solve the problem Mum has now ordered the strap which will attach it to Shadow’s harness to keep it in place.

Psychological issues

The other problem is purely psychological on Shadow’s part. She doesn’t feel as though she can squat down to go to the toilet. She can. She’s just got to get used to it. It took them ages in the back garden with Mum repeatedly telling Shadow she really could do it without Mum removing the brace. If I heard Shadow say she didn’t want to go once, then I must have heard her twenty times. She’s as bad as Aristotle. She’d only have ended up going in the house if Mum hadn’t been insistent.

Early signs

I know it is very early days, but Mum thinks that not doing any stairs and having complete rest is making a difference. Shadow managed not to start howling until 5.30am too, so that wasn’t nearly so bad. We’ll take it all a day at a time.



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