Mum is Going too far – Saturday 14th November 2020

Mum is going too far

Mum is going too far with my retraining. I keep telling Mum, I haven’t actually forgotten any of what she’s taught me over the years. I don’t. None of us does. When we don’t do the right thing, it is never because we’ve forgotten what the right things is – unless we’ve got dementia, but that’s different. It is always because we are choosing not to do it.

Of course I can sit and wait quietly and patiently for my tea to be served. It’s just that I shouldn’t have to. Do I see Mum just sitting looking at her food when she’s ready to eat? No I do not. I think it’s unreasonable for her to put me through something she doesn’t do herself.

Latest hair-brained idea

We’ve all been slipping on the paving slabs. Mum says there have been quite enough injuries in the last twelve months so she plans to do something about it. That something involves her using a pressure-washer, which she has never done before. What could go wrong? We will not be helping. Thankfully she has said it will be better without our help and none of us has chosen to argue with that. She’s planned what she needs to do. She has the equipment – at least she has if she can work out how to put it together. As long as the weather is not too bad she plans to spend an hour a day on it until the job is done.

Our plan is to sit at the window by the back door and watch her. Strikes me that’s a fair distribution of labour. I know we’re working dogs, but have you ever seen a category of working dog that says ‘paving cleaner’? Guide dog, sniffer dog, sheepdog, cattle herder and paving cleaner – I don’t think so!



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