A Beautiful Winter Wonderland – Sunday 15th November 2020

Winter Wonderland

In order to cheer us all up, Mum is turning the garden into a winter wonderland. Ari and I spent ages outside with her yesterday helping to put up lights. When I say ‘helping’ that was not exactly the word Mum used, but I’m sure it is what she meant. It was quite a feat of engineering. For a start she has decided that the one set which need to plug in indoors are safest being plugged into a socket in the office. The office is at first floor level. This is the set of lights with 1000 bulbs on it and it’s very long. The biggest risk was that everything would get tangled up. She used a bucket and string to lower them down to ground level and was very careful putting them all up.

The Big Switch On

Apparently, the big switch on won’t be until December 1st. She still has more to put up before then. She did get further yesterday than she was expecting to which was good news, but it’s not finished yet. If there is time later she needs to get a ladder out and that is never good news. She has ordered a Christmas tree to be delivered, so Ari will be happy. We might have to spend Christmas stuck at home, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be miserable.

I’m just hoping she gives as much attention to our Christmas menu. I’m bidding for steak instead of turkey, but Shadow says she finds turkey easier to digest. Ari says as long as there is cheesecake that he can eat then he’ll be happy.


All we need then will be for Santa to be able to get here and to be out of quarantine and we’ll all be happy. We will have to wait and see about that one.



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