Papa Rolex – Sunday 6th October 2019

Papa Rolex

I saw Papa Rolex yesterday. He didn’t do that whole thing that Mama does of checking that I wash behind my ears. To be honest, I was much more uncertain around him and wouldn’t sit too close for the photo. He’s really handsome and a lovely dog, but I wasn’t really sure what to say to him.

I met Sybil’s brother Eusabio-Ronnie too. He was very nice, I rather liked him. I wanted a chance to play, but he was having to take the day seriously as he was undertaking his breeding tests. He passed, which was wonderful news. He’s actually my nephew as Valeria is his mum, so I had a proud aunty moment.

My Teeth

At one point, everyone wanted to look at my teeth yesterday. How would they like it if I suddenly tried to hold their mouths open and look at their teeth? Fair enough, I know my bite is wrong, but I prefer to keep that to myself rather than show everyone. Apparently it was all a question of how bad it was and would I have been allowed to breed. I pointed out that as I had a heart murmur it was irrelevant anyway. It did make me feel a bit sad that I couldn’t have puppies, but Mum said she wouldn’t change anything about me and loves me just as I am. That cheered me up.

The problem with trains

Whilst I was busy enjoying myself, my human aunt was having all sorts of problems with her journey to see us. Her train from Brussels was cancelled and then there was lots of confusion about what they had to do. It took several changes of train for them to get here in the end. Now it’s my job to make them feel better and show them my mountain. We’re going to have plenty of outdoor time and walk up through the forest then back the other way. I don’t think I’m going to let a bit of rain stop me.



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