Waiting for News From Sybil – Monday 16th November 2020

Waiting for news from Sybil

As I write this I’m still waiting for news from Sybil, my niece, who is due to be giving birth. To be accurate she is now overdue. She’s only having one puppy and it’s clearly comfortable where it is. We are all thinking about her and sending our very best wishes. Mum had worried it would be born on Alfie’s birthday. If it had been a boy she would have wanted it very much. As that hasn’t happened she can go back to being a little more sensible. Much as I want a puppy of my own, I know it’s not the right time for us to add another to the family.

The wardrobe

Mum began the job of rebuilding the wardrobe yesterday. She has managed to put the single end one back together, if you disregard it is no longer quite as square at the corners as it used to be. I did suggest she might want to stand back and take a look, but she suggested I might like to keep my opinions to myself. The problem now is that some of the pieces will be too big for her to hold on her own and I get out of helping due to the lack of opposable thumbs. In this case, that is a blessing.

Given yesterday’s progress, it’s one of those projects that could probably benefit from being supervised by an adult, if only we had one in the house!


Mum has promised that as long as she has finished the draft of the book she is writing then she’ll take December off to spend with us all. I think she’s just using it as an incentive for us to give her some peace now, but it is a fun idea. If things go to plan Dad will be home for some of it too, which will make it all perfect.