Being a Dog – Tuesday 17th November 2020

Being a dog

Being a dog is in many ways a lot less complicated than being a human. On the whole if it looks like fox poo and smells like fox poo then it probably is fox poo and we happily roll in it. We don’t go around wondering whether it might be only something being made to look and smell like fox poo. We don’t think it’s all a big conspiracy to make us believe it’s fox poo, we use our senses and in general as a species we don’t try to mislead each other.

Pack Leader

Then there’s the whole authority thing. We have pack leaders. We of course have our own form of ‘election’ for who is going to be the next pack leader and yes, maybe a little fur flies in the process. However, once that pack leader is chosen you have two choices, you go along with them or you leave the pack. We don’t trying saying it’s not real and it’s not fair. We don’t take legal action. We either get with the programme or take our barking elsewhere.

Making the most of every day

We live in the moment. We make the most of every day. If it is dry and sunny then we sit in the sun and enjoy the feel of it on our fur. If it’s wet and the ground is muddy, we roll in it and enjoy the feel of it on our fur. You get the picture.

We don’t give the days of the week names. That way, we can’t spend Wednesday saying ‘Oh but I wish it was Friday,’. We just say ‘Yay, another day to enjoy. Let’s play in the leaves.’

Today I’m suggesting you live life more like your dog. I don’t mean go and sniff butts. That is an acquired taste, so to speak. Just go and live in the moment and be grateful for all the wonderful things that the day has to offer. If there are no roses to smell, then find some damp moss or a pine tree. Don’t wish for what you haven’t got. Make the most of what you have.




  1. What lovely wise words Wilma. I’ll take my mum for a long walk and encourage her to sniff everything, just like me!
    Lots of love Betsy xx

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