I have been given an ASBO – Friday 20th November 2020

Given an ASBO

I’ve been given an ASBO by Mum. If you don’t live in the UK that’s an Antisocial Behaviour Order given to people who misbehave on a big scale. It means your freedoms are restricted and sadly that is what is happening in my case. I didn’t take the warning I was given about the carrots seriously. Ok, I’m understating the situation. I progressed from eating the small carrots that Mum didn’t plan to cook to digging up the ones she was saving until she was ready. Not just digging them up – eating them.

Can I help it if she grows really nice organic carrots? You ask Dad, they taste delicious. Fair enough she grows her own as she is so sensitive to chemicals and is ill if she eats ones that have all sorts of sprays on, but she was the one who put me on a diet, so what did she expect?

Privileges withdrawn

I’ve had my privileges withdrawn. I’m only allowed outside when supervised. She didn’t mind when I ate the greengages as she wasn’t going to eat those. She didn’t really mind when I had the odd apple as long as I stuck to the fallen ones – which I didn’t! The carrots however have been the veg that broke the human’s back, so to speak. Now I am on a 24hour a day supervision. I have to say that’s a bit of a pain as I really love being outdoors. Mum has said once all the carrots have been taken out – by her – then my privileges can be restored and not before. Life is so hard as an intelligent dog.

On the Bright Side

On the bright side I don’t have one of those tag things. I just need to work out how to give her the slip so I can continue my endeavours.



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