Crossing my paws – Tuesday 1st November 2022

Crossing my paws

I’m crossing my paws that the rain will stop. As long as it’s not too bad Mum says we can go out and try a brand new walk that I can then invite my friends on. It sounds really good, so I’m quite excited. It’s a bit further from home than we normally go on a daily basis but the good news is that I get to take Dad with me too. As long as we go I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

I took Dad to the racecourse yesterday. He’s been with me before, so it wasn’t one of our new places, but we all had a great time anyway. It took our walks total to 59.8miles for the month. Today the tally starts all over again.

Video star

Mum has asked if I’d like to be a video star. What a ridiculous question. How well does she know me? She wants to start putting together a series of short videos about our breed and whilst Shadow and Ari might have cameo roles, she wants me to be the star. At least I think that’s what she said. She said something about including other dogs too, but I’ve got no idea why she’d need to do that when I’m perfect.

We have to work out how best to set up the camera and do some testing first, but then I can make a start. We’re going to cover things like the most common questions about the breed as well as the health testing, bringing us up and our day to day care. All I need then is for someone to nominate me for Best Actress in the Oscars.

Shadow did say that she’d been in lots of videos when she had her puppies years ago and if I wanted to know how to perform to camera I should look back at those, but I’m sure I can already do just as well.




    • Oh that’s lovely. They are still on YouTube. I’ll try to get Mum to sort out the best of them and add some up to date links.
      Love Wilma

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