Ready for Santa – Thursday 24th December 2020

Ready for Santa

Here I am, ready for Santa. I don’t mean I’m waiting for my presents. I’m ready to take part in the team pulling the sleigh. If a vacancy comes up in the next twenty-four hours, then I’m your girl. I know my antlers aren’t real, but I want to fit in and look my best. I’ve been practicing jumping for take-off for most of the last five years so I should get airborne quite easily. To be honest, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for Rudolph. I’d love to get to know him better and I always try chasing deer if I see them, just to ask if they know him you understand.

NORAD Tracks Santa

Now, if you don’t know about this, it’s about time you did. You can track the whole of Santa’s journey from midnight tonight on the International Dateline to midnight Christmas day. It is a lovely story. In 1955 a child rang the Continental Air Defence Command (now NORAD) by mistake. A wonderful man, Colonel Harry Shoup played along and told the boy Santa’s up to date position. He could have simply said the boy had rung the wrong number, but in one of the most beautiful moments of Christmas magic, a whole new tradition was born. Now every year, the wonderful people at NORAD serve the whole world by tracking Santa’s journey.

There are few gifts greater than supporting someone’s hopes and dreams when you could so easily have simply said they had the wrong idea.

Don’t forget

Don’t forget, just in case I do get onto the team, it’s best to leave me a Bonio as mince pies could make us dogs very ill indeed. A bowl of water and a Bonio would do nicely if I’m busy flying house to house. Even if I don’t get to do it for real, when I go to bed tonight, that will be this little dog’s dream. I’ll be shoulder to shoulder with Rudolph, flying Santa around the world.