Switch on – Sunday 5th December 2021

Switch on

Yesterday was the village lights switch on. I shouted encouragement as Mum ran around the garden trying to set all the lights on their timers. She did cheat and do the ones at the back early as she would have taken too long going round and wouldn’t have been able to see what she was doing otherwise. They don’t look too bad and thankfully despite the strong winds they don’t seem to have blown down either, which is a bonus.


I started the day trying to help Mum with the fencing. It didn’t go well. I don’t just mean that Mum was swearing a lot, which she was, but when I dog walked past I tried to launch myself through the gaps she hadn’t got to yet. At that point she told me I would have to stay indoors until she’d finished. It was stupid of me really. I had to sit there thinking about my behaviour while Aristotle was outside being a goody four paws. Shadow stayed inside, but she was asleep so that was no fun.

More work to do

Mum did a good job of the eleven metre stretch she was working on yesterday. She would have been very happy about the outcome had we not walked around and discussed the other points I was at risk of escaping. I was pretty honest with her. I thought it was only fair. She sighed heavily and asked if I could just stay safely in our garden until she has time to address it all. She’s all set to do some more later in the week, but it involves scrambling about in the bushes so she’s not looking forward to it.

Oh deer

The reason the fencing became even more important was because we had a pair of deer in the garden on Friday night. I, of course, wanted to follow their scent and have a tendency to lose my head over things like that. They will still be able to spend time in the front garden, but it won’t be so easy for them to get into the back now.