A Partridge in a Pear Tree – Sunday 27th December 2020

A Partridge in a Pear Tree

Ok I’m exaggerating we did not have a partridge in a pear tree. It was a pheasant in an aspen. To be honest, our pear trees are still so small that a partridge would have difficulty balancing. The pheasant, on the other paw, seemed very happy to retreat to the aspen when I chased it away from the bird feeder. I’d chased the squirrel earlier so on the whole I’d mark that up as a pretty successful day. Mum as you might expect, had gone out to try to photograph the pheasant. She’s always thought of them as particularly stupid birds. However, it turns out that it was brighter than Mum and it flew out of sight before she could get the camera ready.

Christmas over for another year

The good thing about Christmas being over for another year is that I don’t have to wear my hat, antlers or jumper again for a long time. Mum has stopped wearing her Christmas jumpers too. She won’t take the decorations down yet – or maybe ever, as they brighten the place up. There will also be the ones she forgets anyway and notices in six months.

There is an odd sort of air of ‘what happens next?’ in the house. We have all been working towards getting through Christmas and now we’re done that. We just don’t really know with the whole Covid19 situation what to expect. Mum says we should just take it a day at a time and see what happens. It makes setting my goals for the year and my New Year’s resolutions all a bit difficult. For example, this may not be the year to plan in my world tour. I’ll just have to save that one for a future date.



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