Dogs have Feelings Flashback – Friday 15th January 2021

Alfie as a puppy
Alfie as a puppy

Dogs Have Feelings Flashback

I just had to bring you a ‘dogs have feelings flashback’ to when Alfie was a puppy. He was just over a year old by this post in January 2007. He was a pretty big puppy by then, but definitely still a puppy. When I showed it to Mum she laughed, not unkindly I should add. She could remember Alfie’s pig and how much he loved it. It was a present from Matilda the cat next door when they lived in Belgium. It makes me wish I’d had a pig when I was a puppy, but I had Horsie for company so shouldn’t complain.

Pig loses a trotter

A trotter has been thrown in the bin. I wanted my mistress to repair pig not throw out his disembowelled pieces. That trotter still had good chewing potential. I suppose if she hadn’t done it then my master would have done when he came home. He seems unimpressed by all the bits of toys lying around. My mistress did try sticking up for me on that one saying it was only like Andrew who still had all the bits of broken toy he had trodden on. It seems that as a dog I am not supposed to have the same feelings as a child.

Flashback to being Scarred for life

Who is he kidding? Has he seen the wonderful cartoons by my favourite cartoonist Charles Barsotti that show amongst other things the problems dogs go to psychiatrists with, having been utterly destroyed by the whims of their owners. I can’t bear to look at the ones that show the little dog with the tear in his eye, I just come over all emotional. How could any owner tell their dog that they regret getting them and they should have got a cat instead? It just breaks your heart.

Dogs have feelings

Anyway all that just goes to show I can have feelings too and the throwing out of bits of my favourite toys are bound to leave me upset. Maybe I should have had a go at using the Superglue myself, but there seemed to be a few risks attached, not last of which was how to get the lid off the glue without sticking my mouth together.

Well that’s quite enough for today. I’ll have to wait to bring you the pictures of us in the snow yesterday tomorrow.



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