Furr Boost Test – Monday 25th January 2021

Furr Boost Test

Today I want to tell you about my Furr Boost Test. Furr Boost is a drink which has been especially formulated for dogs. Phoebe, the dog behind Furr Boost, is a Beagle. Her human wanted to develop drinks for her that had the very best nutritional value which would compliment her food. They asked if we’d like to try one of each flavour and report back to you what we thought. What follows is our honest and independent assessment of the drinks.


There are three flavours of drink, Beef Broccoli and Blueberry, Chicken Butternut Squash and Cranberry, and Pork Sweet Potato and Apple. You can buy them in a pack of eight of the same flavour. There is also an introductory pack of three – one of each – so you can see which you like best. There is also a subscription option which means they are a little cheaper. I’ll tell you about the prices later.

What did we think?

Aristotle and I did the testing. We had half a carton each of each flavour over the course of a few days. Mum also made me do a test to see just how much I liked them and that is the video below. In short, we loved them. We didn’t have a particular preference between the flavours. Mum only gave them to us with lunch to see if we asked for them at other meals. We did. You should have seen Aristotle’s face when it came to teatime and there was none in his bowl. He was very disappointed.

Taste test

Mum at one meal gave me my drink in a different bowl from my food. She said if I had to choose between the two, which would it be. Well, frankly that was cruel. It was a tough choice, but the Furr Boost won.

Who can have them?

Most dogs should be able to have them. They may not be suitable if you are on a raw diet, but if you are on regular dry or wet dog food you could consider them. As always, you do need to consider if they fit with any medical problems you have, in the same way you would with any food. For that reason, Shadow was not part of our testing process.

One of the reasons Mum made us try them over several days was that she wanted to check if we had any adverse reactions. I am delighted to say that, other than asking for more, there were no problems at all. Our poo was completely normal and healthy (sorry, you know how important things like that are to us dogs.)

Why would you buy them?

Now here’s the thing. We would love you to buy them for us on a daily basis as they are very very tasty and if you read the packaging you will conclude they are quite good for us. But – here’s the thing. They are quite expensive. If you are a small dog, you should only have a quarter of a carton a day so you might persuade your human. However a big dog it says up to two cartons a day. For us it is just the one. Each carton costs about £2, so having it every day would be no small commitment.

We talked it through with Mum and one of the good things is that they have a longish shelf life (about a year). That means it would be well worth keeping some in stock either as a treat for special occasions. There would also be very good for those times when you’ve been unwell and your human is trying to make sure you drink enough and get some nutrition inside you. Given they seem to be pretty gentle on the tummy they could be a very good option for those times.

You can find out more at FurrBoost.com

Do let us know if you give them a go.



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