Oops – Tuesday 22nd November 2022


Oops – and I don’t mean that in a good way. Yesterday afternoon it was raining heavily. To be fair, it had rained heavily all day. In the morning and even after lunch it didn’t seem worth the effort to go and find the best apples to eat after our meals. By the evening, I was suffering from apple withdrawal symptoms. I think that’s Aristotle’s excuse too. Anyway, when we went out to the toilet after tea, we both made a beeline for the orchard, despite the rain… and the mud – that last bit is important.


I don’t know how it happens with mud, but even if I’ve only walked in it, I seem to get it everywhere over my body. It turns out that Aristotle has the same problem. When Mum called us in, having had to get herself an umbrella first, Aristotle ran straight in. I was in the middle of a particularly juicy apple so decided to finish it first.

The other important fact in this story is that Mum did the washing yesterday and to save electricity that meant it was hanging all around the house, including on the door handle to the utility – right by where Aristotle had a good shake and splattered some of it with mud.

Not such an angel

Mum learned her lesson so by the time I trotted in, replete from apple eating, she was ready with the towel – although frankly she’d have been as well using her tee shirt as that now needs to go back through the wash anyway.

If you know anything about dogs, you will realise that however much you towel us down a good shake is sure to let loose more water than you would expect – and mud – which I proceeded to do in front of the rack of clean washing.

You can tell Mum is a dog person, she just sighed, picked up all the things with mud splatters on and put them back into the washing machine. She didn’t even shout at us – that made me feel worst about it of course.



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