Squirrel Nuts – Thursday 18th February 2021

Squirrel Nuts

There are squirrel nuts everywhere in our garden. It’s getting out of paw. When Mum was digging through the vegetable trough to prepare it for this year’s planting, she found several peanuts in their shells carefully buried. What would a normal person do when they found them? I’m guessing a normal person would remove them so they were not in the way of growing vegetables. What did Mum do? Mum is not normal. She has carefully reburied them so the squirrel won’t be disappointed when he needs a snack. There really is no hope for her. The grass is just as bad. Mum has pointed out that at least the squirrel is good enough to put the grass back over the top of the nuts he buries.

Swapped for a Squirrel

Actually, when Mum made that last point about putting the grass back she went a bit further than that. What she actually said was, ‘Unlike you, Wilma, squirrel doesn’t leave holes in the grass.’ I don’t take well to be told I’m less considerate than a squirrel. At this rate, squirrel is going to be given the position of family pet in preference to me. I may have to go on the offensive. I can’t decide if that means I need to run the squirrels down and tell them who’s boss. That could be dangerous if Mum works out what I’m doing. It’s either that or go on a charm offensive with Mum so she doesn’t need the squirrels quite so much. Honestly, I really don’t think I can spend enough of my time being entertaining to win that battle. Maybe we need to reach a pact.

If I promise not to eat the supplies of nuts that are put out for them, perhaps they would agree to stay very much outdoors and not try to expand their territory. Yesterday, I found one of them sitting on the patio as though that was his right. Things are coming to a head!